Equine Center

At the entrance to Aspen Ridge Ranch you will see the beautiful Ranch Barn where we have an office, rest room, tack locker room, feed room, covered porch and tacking area and 12 large stalls with individual turn outs. The pastures for all horses are just adjacent to the parking area. Mares and Geldings are separated. Horses are grouped together in one of 5 very large pastures according to a combination of age, gender and personality. Your horse will always have a herd.

On the rise above the barn is the 150’ x 300’ outdoor arena. It is a wonderful place to practice and train in a huge fenced space with excellent footing and beautiful views. Adjacent to the outdoor arena you will find the “natural” obstacle course with logs, climbs, tires and fun things to challenge you and your horse.  There is also a round pen for use outdoors.

The thing you can’t miss is the brand new indoor arena our latest pride and joy! It is a grand 100’x200’ with Kiser Arena Footing. This arena offers many new amenities and is now in full swing with 16 “soft” stalls with windows and doors inside and out, and 4 enclosed “soft” stalls. It is a wonder in every season! It gives us cool shade in the heat of the summer with doors and windows all around. It keeps the wind at bay and gives us a mighty roof over our heads so we can ride indoors all year!

We encourage you to come take a look at the facility to determine if it would be a good fit for you and your horse!

Arena rental available

Private lesson use: $25

Day Ride use: $25